Will E-cigarettes Ever Be Cool?

Electronic cigarettes have many things to work in their favour. For instance, they don’t face the same regulations imposed on electronic cigarettes and are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, so their potential for growth is quite strong. This doesn’t mean that electronic cigarette companies don’t have obstacles to overcome. They are being regulated in many states and health organizations have warned against their usage. Also, some smokers still prefer traditional cigarettes and find it difficult to get used to this tobacco free alternative.

It may sound strange but another issue for electronic cigarette reviews is the “coolness factor”. While anti-tobacco campaigners have struggled to erase the idea that smoking is stylish (sold by Hollywood for years), many people still associate cigarettes to a spirit of rebellion, style and power that for many, e-cigarettes cannot portray.  However, electronic cigarette companies seem to be well aware of this situation because they have also appealed to Hollywood stars to promote their product. Celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson have been spotted in public using e-cigarettes. Katherine Heighl even appeared on TV “e-smoking” and Johnny Depp was vaping on screen in The Tourist. Blu Cigs even hired actor Stephen Dorff to take part in their marketing campaigns.

However, old habits die hard and many avid traditional smokers are not willing to give electronic cigarettes a chance insisting that they rather assume the dangers from tobacco smoking than changing to what still seems a less appealing alternative. That being said, it is all a matter of taste and many e-cigarette companies have invested in designing such great looking products that in some cases, their appearance has been a factor that motivated people to make the switch. Moreover, e-cigarettes have a great advantage over traditional cigarettes, they can advertise in media channels that are closed for their tobacco rivals.

Perhaps, the greatest sign of the impact that electronic cigarettes are having in the industry, is the fact that the Tobacco companies are acknowledging their potential as the future of smoking. Major tobacco names such as Lorillard and Reynolds have invested in e-cigarettes (Lorillard acquired Blu Cigs last year and Reynolds are developing their own product). Even Phillip-Morris is said to be  working on their own version of these devices. Electronic cigarettes are still a young product but they have already stepped in the industry with a strong foot.

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